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World Toilet Day: EU should make sanitation a development priority

Today marks UN World Toilet Day. In Europe we might question the need for a special commemorative day for something that for us is so trivial and commonplace. But for many people around the world, this is no joke., writes MEP...more »


Kyiv refuses talks with Russian-backed separatists

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday (19 November) that Ukraine's leaders must talk directly to separatists, and should not treat Moscow as a party to the conflict. But Ukraine's prime minister ruled out...more »


Ebola and beyond

It is time for developed countries to recognise that the best way to protect their citizens from Ebola is to help stop the spread of the virus in West Africa, says Lawrence O. Gostin. Lawrence O. Gostin is professor of Global...more »


Ukrainian Archbishop: Russia is building a new Berlin wall

Now that we've marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, we realise that the problem was not solved at that time. The Kremlin is trying to build another Berlin wall, which according to their design will extend...more »


Green Budget Europe founded in Brussels on 4 November 2014

The “splendours of nature” are destroyed, according to John Maynard Keynes, because they are not accorded economic value. “We are capable of shutting off the sun and the stars because they do not pay a dividend”, Keynes wrote in...more »


Hill wants telecoms lessons applied to retail financial services

The European Union should open up retail financial services to more competition to bring lower prices for consumers who will also then see how EU membership can produce tangible benefits, the bloc's new financial chief said on...more »


Incoming Romanian president plans to topple cabinet in 2015

Romania's incoming president Klaus Iohannis said yesterday (18 November) his party might try to topple Prime Minister Victor Ponta's government next year, an early sign of the instability that might follow his surprise victory. A...more »

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