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Uninsured patients left untreated in Greece

Greece's government has failed to provide medication for hepatitis patients. This represents a 'lurking danger' for public health, according to the leading voluntary health clinic in the country.more »


France will keep its promises, says Manuel Valls

The new Prime Minister reaffirmed France’s commitment to reducing its national deficit, and ending the government’s unclear stance on EU affairs. EurActiv France reports.more »


Rogue candidate puts Bulgarian party at odds with EU allies

A controversial MEP candidate has put the Bulgarian Movement of Rights and Freedoms party at odds within its own Liberal group, and has antagonised its potential allies, the Socialists, and the centre-right European People’s...more »


Time for Africa and Europe to speak one language

The EU-Africa summit did not herald a new relationship, as was hoped, forcing European leaders to move quickly on helping Africa overcome demographic and economic challenges, writes Allan Kamau.more »


Spain gears up for European election battle

Spain's ruling party, the Partido Popular (PP), has finally published its candidates list for the European elections. EurActiv Spain reports.more »


UK warns MEPs against evangelical attack on EU development aid

EXCLUSIVE / The British government has warned European lawmakers that a bid by conservative Christian groups to ban EU funding for activities linked to abortion or the destruction of human embryos could obstruct life-saving...more »

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