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Bank resolution authority set for launch

The Single European Mechanism (SRM) will be launched over the next three months, with the aim of rescuing or winding up stricken banks with minimal recourse to taxpayers’ money. The SRM will consist of a board and a fund, and...more »


Le Pen launches 'patriotic' environmental movement

Marine Le Pen's National Front has launched the "New Ecology" movement. The French nationalist party's take on environmental activism will include opposing international climate negotiations and promoting nuclear energy. EurActiv...more »


Yatseniuk: ‘Forty bucks per barrel of oil sounds not bad’

Asked if the EU should consider sanctions on Russian energy firms as a reaction to the continuing conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk told a Brussels audience today (16 February) that the...more »


Spreading ripples of hope from Europe to Palestine

Four national European parliaments have already voted to recognize Palestinian statehood. It's time the European Parliament does the same, Ilan Baruch writes.more »


Circular Economy package to be ditched and re-tabled

The European Commission will ditch the Circular Economy package, replace it with “more ambitious” legislation in 2015, and change pending air-pollution rules, First Vice-President Frans Timmermans told MEPs on Tuesday (16...more »


Malmström pushes TTIP in Paris

The new European Commissioner for Trade defended the transatlantic trade negotiations in Paris this week, emphasising the benefits an agreement could bring to French exports and economic growth. EurActiv France reports. more »


The environment cannot be an afterthought to the economy

How do we communicate the need for fundamental change beyond this group of environmentalists, scientists and progressive businesses? asks Luc Bas. Luc Bas is the Director of the Brussels office of the International Union for...more »

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