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CETA, TTIP: Global trade threatened by vested national interests

EU member countries have become more vocal in trying to protect their own backyards from competition in the ongoing free trade negotiations with Canada and the United States, writes Bruno Maçães. By Bruno Maçães, Secretary of...more »


'Whatever it takes': Lessons from Draghi for Ukraine

EU policymakers, trying to handle the Ukraine crisis, can draw valuable lessons from the tactics employed by European Central Bank boss Mario Draghi, writes Jorge Mariscal and Nick Rice.more »


Russia bans German MEP in retaliation for EU sanctions

Rebecca Harms, Co-Chair of the European Greens, was denied entry into Russia Thursday (25 September) after being held at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport for four hours. Russian border guards gave no official reason for stopping...more »


No EU plan to undermine UK on oversight of bankers' bonuses

A decision to remove oversight of bankers' pay from the European Commission's financial services portfolio was made before the United Kingdom's Jonathan Hill was nominated for the post, officials said on Friday (26 September). An...more »


Heart disease: a regional problem

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Europe, claiming about four million victims each year. Some regions are affected to a much greater extent than others, and disparities are clearly visible both on a national level...more »


Clear skies for aviation industry, turbulence ahead for EU airlines

The business outlook for civil aviation is looking bright thanks mainly to rising Asian demand for aircraft. But airlines are expected to have a harder time, with tougher competition in Europe leading to a consolidation of the...more »


Parliament rolls out social MEP-edia

Members of the European Parliament are using social media applications to ask their voters for questions they can submit to Commissioners-designate in the public hearings next week. MEPs hope their voters will help them...more »

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