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EU news and background

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EU urged to address paradox of high unemployment and skills shortages (News)

While many countries around the world are opening their borders and are introducing more flexible and liberal migration policies, the EU is not following the...more »


Ukrainian ecologists call on EU not to fund new coal plants (News)

SPECIAL REPORT / A Ukrainian application for European funding of two new coal plants would cause massive health and environmental damage to local people from...more »


Debunking the myths about the Tobin tax (Opinion)

Those opposed to a financial transaction tax, or Tobin tax, have been pushing myths about in an attempt to discredit the tax, argues Suleika Reiners. One of these myths is that businesses oppose the tax. more »


EU body predicts more extreme weather as floods devastate central Europe (News)

The European Environment Agency today (5 June) predicted a rise in extreme weather events due to climate change as floods caused deaths and widespread property...more »


The EU and its member states: To recommend is not to command (Opinion)

The recent tension between the French authorities and Brussels over the European Commission's recommendations for reform show more than ever the need to clarify the scope of national and joint powers in economic and social...more »


Why an EU-China trade war is unlikely (Opinion)

Escalated tensions between the European Union and China over solar panel tariffs is not going to cause a trade war. These disputes are short-lived, even if they are expected to continue in the coming years, explains George...more »


EU-China solar trade spat escalates as Beijing hits back with wine probe (News)

The European Commission has confirmed its intention to impose duties on imports of Chinese solar panels from Thursday (6 June), triggering an immediate...more »

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