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Serbia offers to pay costs of 'fake' asylum-seekers (News)

In an attempt to avoid the re-introduction of visas for Serbian nationals travelling to the Schengen area, Belgrade said it was ready to pay Western countries...more »


Researchers with disabilities in the Horizon (2020) (Opinion)

Horizon 2020, the legislative proposal for research and innovation in Europe, should guarantee the freedom of movement of researchers with disabilities and offer them equal opportunities. However, a recent case in Ireland shows...more »


50 years after Silent Spring, the EU still does not get the message (Opinion)

Pesticides and agricultural intensification are the main causes of biodiversity destruction, suggesting the predictions of the famous book 'Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson are now becoming reality, writes Hans Muilerman. More »more »


The EU’s Nobel Peace Prize: Better late than never (Opinion)

People like Monnet, Schuman, Altiero Spinelli, Paul-Henri Spaak, Max Kohnstamm, Emile Noël, and Konrad Adenauer, amongst others, were all disappointingly overlooked by the Nobel Committee at the time of the EU’s...more »


Djukanović returns to power in Montenegro (News)

Montenegro's ruling party leader Milo Djukanović claimed victory in a parliamentary election yesterday (14 October), extending his DPS party's 23-year old rule...more »


Lithuania swings left, abandons nuclear plant project (News)

The Labour Party of Russian-born millionaire Victor Uspaskich has emerged as the winner of the parliamentary elections in Lithuania. His party is set...more »


Brussels wants regions to make better use of EU funds (News)

With the long-term budget topping the EU agenda, European institutions are emphasising the continent’s regions as the battleground where the...more »

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