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Germany refuses to take in more refugees

As the human tragedy near the Italian island of Lampedusa prompted calls to rethink the EU’s immigration policy, the German Interior Minister rejected any...more »


German NGO calls for streamlined aid efforts

NGOs have called on the German development ministry to be strengthened and equipped with overarching, cross-cabinet powers so that all government services can...more »


Knowledge Programme Highlights

Read more: view articlemore »


Political elites: Does perception meet reality?

Political careers are becoming increasingly shorter and the revolving door between politics and the private sector spins ever faster. So is governance benefiting from ‘fresh ideas’? Or is the public in fact worse off...more »


French minister pushes 'Google tax' to bridge telcos funding shortfall

The top five US-based internet companies are stifling European innovation in new technologies and should be more tightly regulated and taxed, the French...more »


Business must understand that the climate cannot wait

Businesses must understand their exposure to climate risk, create green demand, and focus on long-term resource efficiency investments if the worst scenarios outlined in the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment report are to be avoided,...more »


Green Climate Fund meets amid cash problems

The board of the Green Climate Fund meets in Paris this week to help developing countries adapt to climate change and reduce emissions. reports.Will...more »

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