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Europe's startups get bootcamp booster

In Europe, hundreds of entrepreneurs have set up incubators that are adapting the Silicon Valley model to fast-track new companies. For politicians, the trend represents an economic bright spot, although few, if any, of these...more »


How geeky is the new Commission?

Some of the new European Commissioners, including Günther Oettinger, tasked with the Digital Economy portfolio, are lagging behind in their digital communications. Particularly on Twitter. EurActiv France reports.more »


New comparison index helps EU governments tackle growing diabetes rates

SPECIAL REPORT: On Wednesday (17 September), the Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP), a Swedish company which compares healthcare between countries, will reveal an analysis of diabetes prevention and treatment in Europe, making it...more »


EU calls for wider response to the Ebola epidemic

The EU will intensify its financial assistance to Western Africa, in order to contribute to the efforts in the fight against the Ebola outbreak. At a special meeting held yesterday (15 September) in Brussels, the bloc reiterated...more »


EU polluters to land €5bn windfall under 'carbon leakage' proposal

Heavily-polluting industries are in line for a €5bn handout from Europe’s taxpayers because of the way the EU is measuring their exposure to unregulated competitors outside the bloc, according to an unpublished report prepared...more »


Spanish socialists to vote against Juncker, Cañete

Pedro Sánchez , the Secretary General of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), said that the Spanish socialist MEPs will vote against the Juncker Commission, in which the country is represented by centre-right politician Miguel...more »


Fractious politics to test new Swedish leader's negotiating skills

At the height of the global financial crisis trade union leader Stefan Löfven, now set to become Sweden's prime minister after Sunday's election, did the unthinkable and cut a deal with employers, agreeing to pay cuts and shorter...more »

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