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Danish municipality approves country's first shale gas drilling licence

Frederikshavn, a municipality located in the north of Denmark, voted 'yes' on Wednesday (25 June) to letting the French energy company Total explore whether there is shale gas in the area. It is the first time a drilling license...more »


EU summit to threaten Russia with tougher sanctions

EU leaders will urge Russia today (27 June) to stop the flow of weapons and militants across its border with Ukraine and will threaten tougher sanctions, according to a draft statement seen by Reuters. EU officials said it was...more »


France campaigns for EU border guards

France wants to increase funding for Frontex, Europe’s border control agency, and ensure border guards. It will raise the issue in the European Council on Friday 27 June. EurActiv France reports.more »


Alcohol still the number one killer on Europe's roads

Alcohol remains the number one substance endangering lives on European roads. But use of drugs and medicines behind the wheel, also combined with alcohol, is likewise a major challenge for policymakers, says a new report by the...more »


ECB interest rate cut bolsters spending in Germany

After an ECB resolution to push interest rates to all-time lows, the inclination to save is dwindling among consumers, a trend apparent among Germans, who are spending more than they have in seven years. EurActiv Germany reports.more »


Paris and Brussels debate yoghurt and margarine

On the eve of the European Council (27 June), yet another dispute has emerged between the EU and France. The French national food safety agency found nothing to prove that food containing high levels of phytosterol prevents heart...more »


Splendid Isolation?

What is EU membership actually worth to the United Kingdom? A new report shows that the UK would have a lot more to lose than it would to gain from embarking on a different course, Richard Lambert and John Springford explain.more »

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