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What should the EU-Russia summit be about?

The battlefield for defending European values has shifted to the East, to the streets of Kiev, Tbilisi and other Eastern neighbours. While these regions are willing to take full responsibility for this push for freedom, this is...more »


Serbia to hold early elections to boost ‘legitimacy for reform’

Serbia will hold early parliamentary elections on 16 March, to coincide with local elections in Belgrade. The EU accession talks, which Serbia started last...more »


Brussels sets advisory group on EU-US trade deal

The European Commission launched on Monday (27 January) a special advisory group of experts to give fresh input on all issues being discussed at the EU-US...more »


Danish energy minister: 'We will pursue fossil-free future no matter what'

As the smoke cleared from the European Commission rooms where the 2030 climate and energy package had been thrashed out, Martin Lidegaard explained that the...more »


Schäuble advocates separate eurozone parliament

Germany's finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble said yesterday (27 January) he was open to the creation of a separate European parliament for countries...more »


Political suspense grows in Ukraine as protesters radicalise

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich agreed to talks with opposition leaders to the repeal of some anti-protest laws and to discuss the fate of the current...more »

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