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Agriculture alliance calls on the EU to boost innovation and jobs

A coalition representing Europe’s agriculture and food industries has called on the EU to boost innovation and jobs within the sector, which has come under pressure following Russia's ban on EU food imports. The group of 11...more »


A mandate for innovation in Europe

Innovation is of the utmost importance for Europe’s economy, but has so far gotten far too little attention in discussions about the organisation of the new Commission. A Chief Innovation Officer, able to lead the Commission on...more »


Hunger reduction: Millennium Development Goal target is within reach

INFOGRAPHIC: The overall trend in hunger reduction in developing countries means that the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of halving the proportion of undernourished persons by 2015 is possible, according to a new UN report...more »


German Eurosceptics pose threat to weak eurozone states

A surge in popularity for a German Eurosceptic party could hit weaker eurozone countries' borrowing costs, rating agency Standard & Poor's said on Tuesday, as a poll put national support for Alternative for Germany (AfD) at a...more »


Google warned about self-promotion in search results

Google Inc, the target of an EU antitrust investigation into its Internet search engine, may face further scrutiny over its other services following several complaints, Europe's antitrust chief said on Tuesday (23 September). more »


Putin warns Ukraine against implementing EU pact

Moscow will curtail Ukraine's access to vital Russian markets if Kyiv implements any part of a trade agreement with the European Union, President Vladimir Putin warned in a letter, toughening his stance on a deal at the centre of...more »


EuroMaidan nominated for Sakharov prize

Nominations were made yesterday (23 September) for the European Parliament’s 2014 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. Among them is the Ukrainian EuroMaidan movement, which led to the overthrow of the regime of Viktor...more »

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