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Moscovici: 3 million migrants won’t harm EU economy

Three million migrants fleeing war and poverty are seen entering the EU by 2017 in a development likely to have a marginal positive impact on the economy, the European Commission said yesterday (5 November).more »


Commission defends role as sole guardian of fiscal discipline

Amid growing concerns in Berlin, Frankfurt and The Hague about flexible interpretations of the Stability and Growth Pact, the European Commission ruled out the possibility of transfering the assessment of national budgets to an...more »


German government reaches compromise, will speed up deportations

The leaders of Germany's ruling coalition, struggling with the biggest influx of migrants in decades, clinched an agreement on Thursday (5 November) on speeding up the asylum process for those with little chance of being allowed...more »


Commission billions to go to large-scale transport infrastructure

The European Commission is getting ready to feed money into transport projects around Europe and will focus its attention on large infrastructure and technology for traffic management.more »


Schulz in row with Commission over parliament's economic oversight

The European Commission promised MEPs a greater involvement in the so-called European Semester - but, according to Martin Schulz, the executive's latest proposals do not live up to Parliament’s expectations.more »


European start-ups catching up with Silicon Valley

The European innovation ecosystem is gradually emerging from the long shadow cast by Silicon Valley, the home of the GAFA companies (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) and the rising NATU companies (Netflix, Airbnb, Tesla, Uber),...more »


Dieselgate: We still need better lab tests

Christian Friis Bach served as Special Advisor to the European Commission for the United Nations Global Sustainability Panel (2010-2011) and as Denmark’s Minister for Development Cooperation (2011-2013).more »

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