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EU-backed project taps wastewater to produce biofuel alternative

Backed by EU financing, a Spanish water company this week produced its first crop of algae that will be used to manufacture biofuel as an alternative to...more »


Feuding Czech parties prepare for early election

The Czech Parliament is expected to vote next week to dissolve itself, clearing the way for early elections to end a stand-off with the president that has...more »


Lab-grown burgers cannot provide a secure future for Africa

Small-scale agriculture is key to feeding Africans, not expensive stem-cell burgers cooked up in a western laboratory, writes John Vidal.John Vidal is the environment editor for the Guardian, a content partner for EurActiv's...more »


EU mediator to remain in Egypt as talks collapse

Egypt's political crisis entered a tense phase after EU and US mediation efforts collapsed and the army-installed government repeated its threat to take action...more »


African nations vow tougher stance on dumping of electronic waste

African nations have called for continent-wide action to staunch the import of electronic waste, including old computers and mobile telephones from Europe where...more »


A Berlusconi dynasty? Daughter tipped as possible leader of Italian party

An Italian Supreme Court ruling that bans Silvio Berlusconi from running for election for the next six years could set off a struggle for the leadership of his...more »


Commission rules out duties on Chinese solar panels - for now

The European Commission has decided not to impose provisional duties on Chinese solar panels but plans to continue its anti-subsidy investigation.China and the...more »

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