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EU news and background

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Putin: Blind Western policies created the migrant crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday (4 September) that the European countries who are backing the US policy to export democracy in their neighbourhood have engineered the current migrant exodus that is submerging the...more »


Germany helps Russia bypass Ukraine via ‘Nord Stream 2’

Gazprom and its European partners signed a shareholders' agreement on the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project that will run beneath the Baltic Sea to Europe, bringing Europe closer to Moscow's energy orbit. Russia provides for an...more »


Angry farmers hold massive tractor protest in Paris

Angry French farmers blocked the streets of Paris with more than 1,500 tractors on Thursday (3 September) to protest against plunging food prices and soaring costs they say are killing their livelihoods. more »


Migrants use Facebook, messaging apps to liaise with smugglers

Would-be migrants hoping to flee war in the Middle East are using Facebook as their compass for finding the smugglers they hope will get them to a better life in Europe. The US-based website and other social media that were once...more »


Europe must come to grips with the CAP

The European Union has adopted a piecemeal approach to the crises hitting the bloc’s milk and livestock sector,  write Yves Madre and Luc Vernet.more »


Luxembourg wants Orbán isolated for ‘smashing’ EU values

Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg's Minister of Foreign Affairs, sharply criticised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday (3 September) for saying refugees should not come to Europe, and that Muslims are not welcome in...more »


Scottish minimum alcohol pricing may breach EU law

Scotland's plan to introduce a minimum price for alcohol risks breaching European Union law. Edinburgh should explore other ways to protect public health such as increasing tax, a senior adviser to the European Court of Justice...more »

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