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EU news and background

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Violence in Albanian region deepens Macedonian crisis

Macedonia said on Sunday (10 May) that its police had wiped out a group of ethnic Albanian "terrorists" in a day-long gun battle that left at least 22 people dead at a moment of deep political crisis in the former Yugoslav...more »


The energy conundrum in Bulgaria and Greece

Bulgaria and Greece are hard nuts to crack when it comes to implementing EU energy legislation and integrating with the wider European energy market. These two countries illustrate the difficulties of building an Energy Union.more »


Ansip: 'Cybersecurity public-private partnership to launch early next year'

Andrus Ansip, the European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, following his launch of the Digital Single Market plan last week, says that the Commission’s proposed public private partnership on cyber...more »


EU divided over abortion in development policy

Promoting sexual and reproductive rights within development policy is not a straightforward exercise for countries like Malta and Hungary. France is working to establish a common EU position before the next Foreign Affairs...more »


Renzi scolds EU: “A good pupil who does not work hard enough”

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi has launched a call for action to EU leaders saying that the world needed a strong Europe, able to move beyond crisis and sculpt its own vision for the future. Speaking on Friday (8 May) at the...more »


Hungary's PM Orban calls EU refugee quota plan 'mad'

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban called a European plan to evenly distribute asylum seekers among EU members states "mad and unfair" on Friday, amid UN criticism over the country's handling of refugees. "The European idea...more »


New Czech EU policy strategy: The anchor of responsible membership

EU membership is first and foremost a gateway to liberty and freedom, not in the purely economic sense, but in terms of personal freedom, writes Tomáš Prouza.more »

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