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Slovakia agrees to reverse gas to Ukraine

Pipeline operators in Ukraine and Slovakia are on the verge of signing a deal that will allow the European Union to ship gas through Slovakia to Ukraine,...more »


Parliament gives final approval to EU long-term budget

After months of complex negotiations, the European Parliament finally approved the EU’s budget for 2014-2020 yesterday (19 November).  The...more »


EU director: Commission remains vigilant on content, timing of audit reforms

The Commission sees the creation of a 'black list' of prohibited non-audit services and the rotation of audit firms as essential to restore investor trust and...more »


Europe tries new recipe to combat hunger in Ethiopia

SPECIAL REPORT / Learning from past crises, the European Commission has changed tack on its approach to food security in the Horn of Africa, focusing on...more »


Seven countries join forces to build a European drone

France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland and Spain have signed an agreement on Tuesday (19 November) to build an unmanned aircraft by 2020 and...more »


Commission to overhaul reporting standards body by end of year

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission is set to issue by the end of the year new regulations on accounting standards, overhauling the current standards body...more »


EU demands more reforms from Ukraine to lift visa barrier

While the lead-up to the Vilnius Eastern partnership summit has focused on a mooted EU-Ukraine association agreement, another subject that is dear to Ukrainians...more »

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