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Humanity must adopt effective policies against climate change

The IPCC needs submit courageous and realistic proposals when presenting its reports on the impact of climate change in Warsaw, Poland, this month, writes Eberhard Rhein.Eberhard Rhein is a senior adviser to the...more »


Bulgaria warns of new gas crisis

Bulgarian Economy and Energy Minister Dragomir Stoynev warned yesterday (6 November) of a possible repeat of the 2009 gas crisis as a result of the intensified...more »


France looks for EU allies in fight against low-cost workers

The French government is seeking support to tackle social dumping by revising the EU posted workers directive but its efforts are meeting with firm opposition...more »


Research dispute puts EU-Israel ties under severe strain

As Israel looks warily west in the hope that the United States has its back in any conflict with Iran, it might do well to glance north and consider its...more »


Germany resists EU plans to slash renewable energy subsidies

A leading Social Democrat warned yesterday (6 November) that the EU planned to investigate German renewable energy discounts for industry, a move that could end...more »


Brussels reopens 12-year old GMO cultivation request

European ministers will decide whether to approve the cultivation of variety of genetically modified maize, after the European Commission was legally obliged to...more »

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