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EU Parliament, ministers agree to more clinical trial transparency in clinical trials

MEPs reached on Friday (20 December) an agreement with member states on the clinical trials directive.Under the new agreement, pharmaceutical companies and...more »


EU fish quotas rise in line with sustainable reforms

The amount of fish that can be caught in Europe within scientifically recommended levels inched upwards under a deal made in Brussels on Wednesday, but...more »


EU puts Georgia, Moldova on fast track to association

Having learned the bitter lesson of procrastinating with Ukraine, which has put its EU association agreement (AA) on ice, EU leaders decided today (20 December)...more »


Merkel: The door remains open for Ukraine

Read more: view articlemore »


Allergies: Europe’s most underestimated chronic diseases

Although they disproportionately affect young people and impact many lives negatively, allergies are still neglected by medical specialists and few countries have adequate programmes in place to deal with them, writes Claudio...more »

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