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Commission's proposal for stricter thresholds in organic farming opposed

The sale of organic products is a booming business. According to the European Commission, the presence of organic products on the European market has quadrupled in the past decade. However, this increased production has led...more »


Coelho faces difficulties forming government

Portugal's president asked Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho on Monday (5 October) to form a government, following an inconclusive election which denied the centre-right leader a parliamentary majority.more »


PEGIDA defiant amid confusion over German asylum figures

The PEGIDA movement was thought to be dead in the water. But the escalating - if unclear - number of refugee arrivals, and Monday night's show of strength by the xenophobic group, show that anti-Islamic backlash is still alive...more »


Commission details offer to Turkey to tackle refugee crisis

The EU has offered Turkey a plan under which it would resettle more refugees, but only if Ankara establishes new camps and boosts its coastguard to slow the flow of people to Europe, officials said on Tuesday (6 October).more »


Tents in football fields: That is not Europe

Marc Calon is the President of Housing Europe, the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing.more »


Europe's data authorities step into post-Safe Harbour spotlight

Data protection officials are assuming increasing prominence following Tuesday's (6 October) ECJ decision to outlaw Safe Harbour, which called them to take on a bigger role in Europe's privacy debacles.more »


Three million people unite to derail TTIP

A petition signed by three million people against the EU-US trade deal will be handed to the European Commission on Wednesday (7 October).more »

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