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Paris attacks influence Danes against joining EU’s justice rules

One in five Danes is more likely to vote in favour of scrapping the country's opt-out on EU justice rules after the 13 November Paris attacks, a poll published yesterday (26 November) showed.more »


France's national emergency threatens to smother climate activism

As the COP21 looms ever closer, NGOs have to negotiate ever stricter security rules to ensure their points of view will be taken into account at the climate conference. In the current security climate, this is far from simple.more »


Why Cameron should bother to visit tiny Austria

Dr Melanie Sully is a British political scientist and director of the Vienna-based Institute for Go-Governance. This article first appeared in the Wiener Zeitung, Vienna.more »


Four possible scenarios for the EU in 2023, 30 years after Maastricht

Unprecedented challenges are shaking up the European project and four distinct scenarios are possible for the future, writes Erik Peterson. Erik Peterson is Partner and Managing Director of the Global Business Policy...more »


Pope Francis in Africa: Leadership and inspiration in the face of climate change

Pope Francis has said of climate change that “decisive mitigation is a moral and religious imperative for humanity." He is in a powerful position to make that happen, argues Achim Steiner. Achim Steiner is Executive Director of...more »


TTIP talks: EU alleged to have given ExxonMobil access to confidential papers

The EU appears to have given the US oil company ExxonMobil access to confidential negotiating strategies considered too sensitive to be released to the European public during its negotiations with the US on the trade agreement more »


Thailand attempts to stem Rohingya exodus

Myanmar and Bangladesh face renewed pressure to tackle "the root causes" of an annual migration crisis after Thailand today (26 November) announced a regional summit ahead of the new sailing season.more »

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