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EU news and background

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Stylianides' visit to Ukraine highlights downside of humanitarian effort

A visit by Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response Commissioner Christos Stylianides to Dnepropetrovsk today (27 January) highlighted the assistance the EU was providing to Kiev. EurActiv reports live from Ukraine. Stylianides...more »


Muslim anti-Semitism puts pressure on West

One after the other, EU leaders took turns reassuring Europe’s Jewish community, following the kosher supermarket attack in Paris, in which four people were killed, writes Joel Schalit. Joel Schalit is News Editor at...more »


Countdown to UK election: A vote on Europe?

Ahead of the UK general election on 7 May 2015, EurActiv UK brings you the latest developments in the fight for 10 Downing Street. European issues are high on the agenda of this election campaign, with Prime Minister David...more »


Carbon pricing: a challenge for the future

SPECIAL REPORT: The concept of carbon pricing as a tool to combat climate change is broadly accepted by the international community. But at what price, and under what conditions? As the world looks for ways to cut CO2 emissions,...more »


EU paper calls for binding CCS targets by 2030

European countries should be given binding targets for installing technology to capture and store carbon emissions, according to a new report for the European Commission. more »


EU adviser: Energy Union should take 'holistic approach'

Europe's energy policy is no longer based on a difficult balance between competitiveness, sustainability and security of supply. It has now become a holistic project which includes all these dimensions in a multi-disciplinary...more »


Paris and Berlin call for review of EU-Canada trade deal

Trade negotiations between the EU and Canada concluded in October 2013, but France and Germany now want to make changes to the CETA agreement’s investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clause. EurActiv France reports. more »

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