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Independent Scotland to keep pound, queen: Salmond

An independent Scotland would keep the British pound, the queen and remain in the European Union but have its own defence force and collect its own taxes, First...more »


EU must reflect on Russian checkmate

The upcoming Eastern partnership summit in Vilnius will have to settle for a much less ambitious agenda than initially anticipated after Ukraine turned its back on an association agreement and free trade pact with the EU,...more »


Cameron isolated on push for free movement restrictions

Insiders at the EU Commission said that interior ministers meeting in Brussels next week (5 December) will not form a united front with David Cameron against...more »


Neo-Nazi wins local election in Slovakia

Marian Kotleba, a far-right politician notorious for his anti-Roma rhetoric and appearances in a Nazi-style uniform, has won the local election in the...more »


Serbia hosts South Stream ‘first welding’ ceremony

Serbia hosted a ceremony symbolically marking the beginning of work on South Stream, the Gazprom-favoured planned pipeline project, designed to bring Russian...more »


Protestors in Kyiv urge Yanukovich to sign EU pact

Protests in Kyiv continued yesterday (25 November) putting pressure on the country’s President Viktor Yanukovich to sign a landmark EU-Ukraine association...more »

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