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A European self-hating parliament could sap the legitimacy of national politics

The upcoming European elections might turn Brussels into a playground for populists,where the Commission will live in fear of a self-hating parliament, which will not only undermine the EU, but it could  also sap the...more »


Huge demonstration in Kyiv in support of EU pact

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians bearing EU flags and chanting "Down with the gang!" marched through Kyiv yesterday (24 November) in a pro-Europe rally...more »


EU hails nuclear deal with Iran, credits Ashton

EU leaders across Europe welcomed the deal reached early Sunday (24 November) with Iran on curbing its nuclear programme and praised EU foreign affairs chief...more »


‘Journey has started’ towards 2015 UN climate deal

Almost 200 countries clinched a deal on climate change over the weekend in Warsaw, marking the start of a long journey towards a binding international agreement...more »


Study: Insulation could save industry €3.5 billion a year

EXCLUSIVE / Better insulation could shave 4% off European industry’s total fuel consumption and emissions bill, a sum worth €3.5 billion a year, says...more »


Circular economy calls on the EU to think globally, act locally

Potočnik’s main legacy as European environment commissioner was to put resource efficiency and the circular economy on the EU agenda. But the EU is a big ship and turning it around is slow: whoever is next at the helm would...more »


Opposition leader: Yanukovych traded Ukraine’s EU future for $20 billion

Ukrainian opposition leader Arseny Yatsenyuk said that the country’s president, Viktor Yanukovich, had traded the country’s EU future against...more »

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