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Erixon: TTIP will move to fast track if first results come early

To maintain a high political momentum for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), negotiators will have to move fast to secure some successes...more »


Russia’s response to Ukraine’s European choice: what is next?

Great hope remains that after the Vilnius Summit in November, Brussels will keep its word and will not leave Ukraine one on one with Russia, whose president, Vladimir Putin, will aspire for geopolitical revenge and a return of...more »


German elections launch Schulz towards Commission presidency

The German elections have propelled the firebrand social democrat Martin Schulz, the present European Parliament President, into pole position to be the Party...more »


What Merkel’s victory means for Europe

With Sunday's victory Angela Merkel now has the chance for a fresh start on Europe. Whatever coalition emerges following the election, the chancellor shouldn’t squander her victory, writes Judy Dempsey.Judy Dempsey...more »


Justine Henin on health and obesity in Europe

Read more: view articlemore »


Turkey will probably never join the EU: Ankara negotiator

Turkey will probably never join the European Union because of prejudicial attitudes by the bloc's existing members, Ankara's chief EU negotiator said, in what...more »


Austrian chancellor seeks another centrist coalition

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann wants to preserve the centrist, pro-European coalition his Social Democrats (SPO) lead with the conservative People's Party...more »

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