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How to kill off successful environmental schemes in Europe’s agriculture policy

As Brussels returns from its summer break there is one piece of unfinished business before the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) political saga for 2014-2020 can be put to rest. Negotiators from the European Parliament and the...more »


Saharawi fishermen condemn EU-Morocco fishing treaty ‘fraud’

EXCLUSIVE / A draft fishing treaty between the EU and Morocco has been condemned as “fraud” by Saharawi fishermen who view it as an enabling...more »


Take an honest look at ethanol!

The International Institute of Sustainable Development's admission of an error in their recent study of public subsidies to biofuels is part of a systematic pattern of NGO bias, argues Rob Vierhout. It is time to look again at...more »


Human rights group warns of civil society crackdown in Azerbaijan

The oil-rich Azerbaijan has intensified a crackdown on activists and journalists to stifle criticism of long-term leader Ilham Aliyev before presidential...more »


BRICS bank project struggles with ‘difficulties’

The BRICS bloc of large, emerging economies has agreed on the structure of a proposed development bank with $50 billion (€37.8 billion) in capital, but...more »


Kroes slams broadband 'regulatory mess'

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes has slammed the “regulatory mess” affecting broadband in a warm up to forthcoming proposals to shake...more »


Syrian refugees flock to Europe’s doorstep

As Washington weighs a military strike against Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, the human fallout of two and a half years of conflict that has sent millions into...more »

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