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EU news and background

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Overeducation: When fish and chips are served by historians

SPECIAL REPORT / In some EU countries, up to one-third of young people aged 18-25 are overqualified for their jobs, a new research project has revealed. Many of them are highly educated and multilingual, with university degrees,...more »


Economist: There is a role for EU policy on overeducation among young people

SPECIAL REPORT / If overeducation is explained by factors such as excess supply of graduate labour, then there is a role for policy, says Adele Bergin. Adele Bergin is a senior research officer at the Economic and Social Research...more »


Is the EU ready to walk the talk on sustainable development?

A new era will be heralded this week in New York, with the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. The EU has been negotiating long and hard on this. Now is the time to put the good words into practice, writes...more »


Asylum systems in Europe remain disparate

Many asylum seekers want to reach Germany or Sweden, appearing less attracted to Mediterranean countries such as France and Italy. Big differences between national asylum systems explain their preferences. The EurActiv Network...more »


Syriza decision to partner with the Independent Greeks angers the S&D

Alexis Tsipras’ decision to renew cooperation with the right-wing Independent Greeks party in the new government was a “strategic mistake", Socialists & Democrats chief Gianni Pittella told EurActiv Greece. Left-wing leader...more »


Luxembourg under fire for fossil fuel subsidies ahead of climate talks

Luxembourg was today (22 September) criticised by campaigners for leading talks about the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris this November, while having the highest per capita fossil fuel subsidies in the European Union. At...more »


Five EU countries call for limits on truck CO2 emissions

Britain and three other countries have joined calls for mandatory EU limits on the amount of CO2 pumped out by trucks, which account for 30% of road transport emissions. more »

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