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EU news and background

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EU elections in Romania: a test before a bigger battle

For political forces in Romania, the European elections are first and foremost a test before the presidential election, to be held later this year. EurActiv Romania reports.more »


Alcohol boss explains nuances of ‘responsible drinking’

For an industry body, passing on the message that consumers may want to buy less of your product may seem suicidal. Yet this is what SpiritsEurope is attempting to do with the concept of “responsible drinking”.more »


Think tank: France will return to growth

An independent research institute predicts a bright future for the French economy, but it may take years to benefit employment levels, EurActiv France reports.more »


Butter and fatty acids may not be as unhealthy as previously thought

Using olive oil instead of butter when cooking a meal may not lower heart risk, according to new research by the British Heart Foundation.more »


Website to fact-check EU election campaign claims

As European politicians hit the campaign trail for the May EU elections, the online project FactcheckEU documents how truthful their campaign speeches really are.more »


Peace priest: CAR aid mission ‘a victory for money that never arrives’

The international aid effort in the Central African Republic (CAR) is beset by strategic ambiguity, unclear objectives, funding shortfalls, incompetent administration, and failing political will according to Father Aurelio...more »

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