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Germany’s Industry 4.0 in full swing, despite dissent from unions

SPECIAL REPORT: Companies, trade unions and politicians are working together to turn Germany into an industrial centre for the digital future. But on the day of its founding, Industry 4.0’s initiators are divided over its...more »


Gulf states resist EU-led cuts to ozone-depleting refrigerant

The EU has released its first quotas for HFCs as part of a plan to phase out the refrigeration gasses. There is broad global consensus on the subject, but oil-producing countries in the Gulf region are holding up an international...more »


Eurostat: Cancer mortality rate in the EU increases

While the total number of deaths slightly decreased over the past years in the EU (-0.5%), the number of deaths due to cancer increased by 6.3%, according to new figures from Eurostat. One in four deaths in the EU is caused by...more »


Joschka Fischer: ‘Germans don’t care about Juncker’

If the Juncker Commission is Europe’s last hope “then we are done for”, said ex-foreign minister Joschka Fischer, claiming Germans do not care about the new Commission president. EurActiv Germany reports.more »


Commission sent back to drawing board on novel foods law

The European Parliament's environment committee voted on Monday (24 November) to revise EU rules on novel foods, backing a precautionary approach to new techniques like nanoparticles. Meeting in Strasbourg, the committee on the...more »


The Juncker plan: an exercise in federalism and solidarity

The long-awaited European Fund for Strategic Investments was unveiled yesterday (25 November). The EIB, who will be investing 5 billion euros, hopes to wave its magic wand to mobilise 315 billion, without dipping into the...more »


Merkel hits diplomatic dead-end with Putin

After nine months of non-stop German diplomacy to defuse the crisis in Ukraine, Chancellor Angela Merkel decided in mid-November that a change of tack was needed. Ahead of a summit of G20 leaders in Australia, Merkel resolved to...more »

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