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UN boss: Lima was a reality check, and leaders need to step up for Paris

The differences between how the developed and developing countries view their responsibilities will hinder agreement at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, unless top political leaders provide the momentum needed to drive...more »


Stylianides: We need strong bridges between humanitarian and development aid

As the world struggles to deal with crises, there is a need to change the way we think about managing them, while building stronger bridges between humanitarian aid and development assistance, Commissioner Christos Stylianides...more »


The consequences of a crumbling TTIP

A growing number of Europeans see TTIP as selling out Europe's social and environmental standards. Perhaps the EU and the US should have never undertaken this mammoth project, writes Axel Berger. Axel Berger is a researcher at...more »


Dutch car tax regime leaves Germany far behind in curbing CO2 emissions

The Netherlands had the lowest CO2 emissions from new cars in the European Union last year, thanks to its tax regime favouring fuel economy and low-carbon vehicles. Germany and Poland are among the countries with the highest C02...more »


Luxembourg drops legal challenge to EU request for tax info

On Thursday evening (18 December), Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel announced that his country plans to withdraw two court challenges against the European Commission and will start handing over past tax rulings.  In recent...more »


NATO turns its gaze to the Baltic region

Sweden should make wise use of NATO's benevolent attitude to establish closer relations, writes Anna Wieslander. Anna Wieslander is Deputy Director of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. For the first time ever,...more »


Commission's better regulation panel mooted for watchdog role

EXCLUSIVE: The European Commission’s reformed Impact Assessment Board could one day evolve into an independent watchdog, scrutinising legislation on behalf of the executive, the EU Parliament and Council, EurActiv has...more »

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