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Bulc: ‘More needs to be done on transport pricing and taxation’

Violeta Bulc is the EU Transport Commissioner. Bulc responded in writing to questions from EurActiv's Publisher and Editor, Frédéric Simon.more »


US, NATO condemn Russia's violations of Turkish airspace

The United States and NATO denounced Russia on Monday (5 October) for violating Turkish airspace and Ankara threatened to respond, reporting two incursions in two days and raising the prospect of direct confrontation between the...more »


Erdogan tells EU: Act in Syria, or get ready to accept more refugees

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Monday (5 October) urged the EU to train rebels, and to consider a no-fly zone and safe haven area in Syria, during talks to address Europe's growing migrant crisis.more »


China uses Juncker Plan to boost involvement in Europe

China could become the largest non-EU contributor to the so-called "Juncker Plan", the European Commission President’s flagship investment initiative to revive growth in Europe.more »


EU watchdogs to scrutinise use of data by financial players

European banks and insurers could face new rules to control their use of "big data" to target customers with products, after EU watchdogs said that how they used the information would be investigated.more »


OECD promises to end era of tax evasion

The international fight against tax evasion has reached a new level.more »


Statistical changes lead to cuts in global poverty

Extreme poverty has been in decline since the 1990s, and may disappear altogether by 2030. This flagship objective of the newly-adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals seems to be on course for success, according to the World...more »

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