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EU news and background

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Live: Grexit? The endgame

Should they stay or should they go? Athens and the Troika try to come to a final agreement that would allow Greece to stay in the EU, and retain what's left of its welfare state. EurActiv reports, in real time. [more »


Capturing the refugee experience

SPECIAL REPORT / Regional literary awards are like any other cultural event. Books get recognized as much for how they capture the local, as they get hailed for being works of art. Few would argue that the European Union Prize...more »


It's Europe, stupid!

The real question facing us is not whether to say yes or no to Syriza, but how the EU continues its construction, write Ernest Maragall MEP and Jordi Angusto.more »


When more doesn’t mean merrier: Why mobile mergers should cheer up consumers

Telecoms mergers drive investment. The European Commission needs to be balanced in how it regulates them, writes Afke Schaart. Afke Schaart is Vice President for Europe at mobile operators association GSMA. We’ve come a long way...more »


MEPs fuming over Commission's abandonment of Maternity Leave Directive

MEPs are fuming over the European Commission's move yesterday (1 July) to abandon laws that would expand maternity leave to 18 weeks. Earlier this year, Parliament had pushed to save the Maternity Leave Directive after seven...more »


Europe’s regions demand financing for climate action

Three more European regions pledged to reduce their CO2 emissions by 80-95% by 2050 at the Summit Climate and Territories (WSCT) in Lyon on 1 July. EurActiv France reports. more »


Europe is dragging its feet on CCS

The European Union lacks a strategy to develop and implement carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, writes Samuela Bassi.more »

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