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EU news and background

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France makes U-turn on TTIP arbitration

Paris has warned French MEPs not to shut the door on Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanisms by voting against ISDS. EurActiv France reports. more »


Immigration rises as Britons fear pressure on jobs, NHS

Over half of Britons believe immigration has a detrimental effect on the UK’s National Health Service. A new poll by ComRes/ITV News, shows 55% of British adults think immigration impacts negatively on the NHS, despite 11% of NHS...more »


Survey: Minimum wages uneven in EU

New EU data shows that there are huge differences in the minimum wage workers receive, depending on the countries in which they're employed.  A worker in Luxembourg who receives the monthly minimum wage  €1,923, the highest...more »


German Social Democrats hit the brakes on planned highway toll

The Social Democratic Party called for caution concerning Germany’s planned passenger car tolls, and hopes to review them once more, while Transportation Minister Alexander Dobrindt defended the toll as fair and modern. EurActiv...more »


Open Europe: 17% probability of Brexit

The probability of the UK leaving the EU during the next parliament stands at 17%, according to Open Europe, a critical but pro-EU think tank. Their “Brexit Barometer” assesses of the chances of the UK leaving the EU, up to and...more »


Brussels demands more ambitious reforms from France

The European Commission is expecting to receive a new programme of structural reforms from Paris by April, despite the recent adoption of the Macron bill. EurActiv France reports. more »


Riga to host ‘Eastern Partnership survival summit’

Edgars Rinkēvičs, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, didn’t mince his words Thursday (26 February) when he called the summit of the Eastern Partnership his country is hosting next May, in its capacity as holder of the...more »

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