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Selected Events 2013/14
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Law & Taxes

Public Procurement laws are being continuously revised both in structure and content. It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the latest directives on this subject in order to make legally sound and effective tenders and to avoid review proceedings.

Secure in all legal questions

National regulations have to be followed just as well as those of the EU in areas such as ways of procedure, specification of services, threshold values, eligibility and acceptance criteria and proper assessment of tenders. Learn more about European and national law and how to apply them successfully in your work.

Extend your expertise by participating in the various events held by the European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law in this area. See our range of training opportunities in Public procurement here.

lang_en 03. April 2014 - 04. April 2014, Mövenpick Hotel Berlin

R&D projects and cooperation, whether with or without European or national funding, need a safe and sound legal contract design. In most cases, the legal framework decides about the success of a project and lays the foundation for a smooth pursuit of research activities.

lang_en 10. April 2014 - 11. April 2014, Courtyard by Marriott Berlin Mitte

The decrease of external funding and the increase of competition between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) make it essential to think and act more strategically. Therefore, a targeted development strategy is crucial for the institution’s success.

lang_en 15. May 2014 - 16. May 2014, Arcotel John F

EU Member States have already made some practical experiences with Financial Engineering Instruments. However, in the last programming period, only 5% of the entire ERDF resources were distributed through Financial Instruments (FI). For the current programming period 2014-2020, the European Commission demands an increased use of this innovative tool.

lang_en 15. May 2014 - 16. May 2014, Arcotel John F

The separation of economic and non-economic activities is obligatory for all universities and research organisations in the European Union that receive public funding. The European Commission applies specific criteria to evaluate the State aid character of public funding for universities and research organisations.

lang_en 22. May 2014 - 23. May 2014, RAMADA Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz

Public administrations and projects funded by institutional donors such as the EU or the UN spend billions of euros each year on goods and services they need to function. In times of shrinking public budgets, even experienced procurement staff is struggling to ensure that their organisations are not wasting money in procurement.

lang_en 02. June 2014 - 04. June 2014, Maritim Hotel Berlin

According to the latest control results it is the public procurement law that causes the most difficulties while applying European funding. All bodies involved in EU funds administration need to ensure that the beneficiaries of EU funding spend grants also along with the public procurement law.

lang_en 23. June 2014 - 24. June 2014, Arcotel John F

Bid Rigging, price fixing and illegal agreements between competitors in the public procurement procedures are a great threat for public institutions, especially with regard to cost-intensive and technologically advanced investments and projects. Bid Rigging results in overpriced government contracts which are inacceptable in times of austerity and decreasing public budgets. In this practical seminar you acquire expert knowledge in detecting bid rigging schemes and preventing them. Experts from (amongst others) the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (ERBD) and the OECD provide you with their expertise and know-how.

lang_en 10. July 2014 - 11. July 2014, Courtyard by Marriott Berlin Mitte

Managers of organisations, programmes and projects funded by multinational, international, European and national funds need to ensure that they achieve the highest results. On an international level, the call for results in development cooperation is represented by the Aid Effectiveness agenda, culminating into the high level conference in Busan.

lang_en 28. August 2014 - 29. August 2014, Courtyard by Marriott Berlin Mitte

EU-funded projects put high demands on project leaders and coordinators. Especially the correct financial accounting of the project constitutes a great challenge. Beneficiaries have to follow strict and complex rules set up by the European Commission.