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Law & Taxes

Public Procurement laws are being continuously revised both in structure and content. It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the latest directives on this subject in order to make legally sound and effective tenders and to avoid review proceedings.

Secure in all legal questions

National regulations have to be followed just as well as those of the EU in areas such as ways of procedure, specification of services, threshold values, eligibility and acceptance criteria and proper assessment of tenders. Learn more about European and national law and how to apply them successfully in your work.

Extend your expertise by participating in the various events held by the European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law in this area. See our range of training opportunities in Public procurement here.

lang_en 05. March 2015 - 06. March 2015, Mercure Hotel Berlin City

Most public institutions use social media tools in their communication. It is a key part of any communications planning and long-term strategy in today’s media landscape. Some organisations use in-house competence, whereas others chose to source out this area and work with external experts.

lang_en 07. May 2015 - 08. May 2015, abba Berlin Hotel

Until the 1st January 2015 the Member States have to establish systems of separate collection for recyclable materials like glass, metal, paper and plastic according to the EU Regulation 2008/98, if they do not want to face the harsh consequences of an infringement process from the European Union.

lang_en 20. May 2015 - 21. May 2015, Ellington Hotel

R&D projects and cooperation, whether with or without European or national funding, need a safe and sound legal contract design. In most cases, the legal framework decides about the success of a project and lays the foundation for a smooth pursuit of research activities.

lang_en 31. August 2015 - 01. September 2015, Arcotel John F

EU-funded projects put high demands on project leaders and coordinators. Especially the correct financial accounting of the project constitutes a great challenge. Beneficiaries have to follow strict and complex rules set up by the European Commission.