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Internal Affairs & Security

Particularly in times of global insecurity, Internal Security has become a matter of great public interest. This includes field-tested crisis management as well as uniform security standards in public services and external and internal border security among all member states.

Disruptions to or disturbances of critical infrastructure may lead to supply shortfalls and lapses in public security. Therefore, it is important that a continual dialogue takes place within Europe about ways of constantly improving Internal Security.

Extend your expertise by participating in the various events held by the European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law in this area.

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lang_en 26. May 2014 - 27. May 2014, Arcotel John F

Output and results of projects are important indicators to determine their success as well as their conformity with set targets. In many external cooperation projects reaching these targets is even more critical – especially when dealing with differing requirements from multiple donors.

lang_en 16. June 2014 - 17. June 2014, Ellington Hotel

As part of the EU’s Home Affairs and Internal Security programme, the use of the new Internal Security Fund (ISF), which incorporates the former EBF, ISEC and CIPS funds, does not only have to comply with the specific rules of the Home Affairs and Internal Security programme and those of the ISF in particular but also with the general EU regulations on public procurement.