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Development Cooperation

Financial Management in Development Cooperation is a challenge for many beneficiaries beyond the European Union’s borders

The European Union is the world’s biggest donor, providing more than half of all development aid worldwide. However, in order to cooperate with the EU successfully and to benefit from the funds, beneficiaries have to comply with a multitude of accounting regulations of projects financed by the EU. EU financing instruments such as the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENI) and the Financing instrument for Development Cooperation (DCI) necessitate extensive reporting and a strictly result based management approach on the side of beneficiaries to comply with all rules and prevent the withdrawal of funding.

lang_en 03. December 2015 - 04. December 2015, Best Western Premier Hotel MOA Berlin

In current times of tight public budgets, public administrations must set and achieve their goals in the most effective, efficient and economical way. This new obligation also alters the responsibilities of auditors in the public sector.

lang_en 28. January 2016 - 29. January 2016, Arcotel John F

Advanced hands-on experience, operative know-how and thorough knowledge of procedures and risks are necessary to ensure clear, effective and reliable procurement procedures. While the new EU procurement directives require more flexibility, transparency and fulfilment of high qualitative, environmental, social and innovation standards, many contracting authorities still favour lowest price criterion as the safest and fastest procedure. Yet, many examples prove that the lowest price does not always mean lowest costs and therefore needs to be extended by additional criteria.

lang_en 22. February 2016 - 23. February 2016, InterCityHotel Berlin am Hauptbahnhof

The current Programming Period 2014-2020 holds lots of opportunities to fund innovative ideas and projects. The architecture of European Funds and direct grants continues to offer a wide range of funding opportunities in the Member States. However, funding is often not used as effectively as possible or it may be denied due to lack of knowledge or poor planning. Although the numerous programmes and initiatives have different features, the development and implementation of projects in practice follow common rules.

lang_en 25. February 2016 - 26. February 2016, InterCityHotel Berlin am Hauptbahnhof

The European Union (EU) and its Member States are the world’s biggest donors, providing more than half of all development and humanitarian aid worldwide. However, in order to cooperate successfully with the EU and to benefit from the external cooperation funds, beneficiaries have to follow a multitude of administrative regulations and fulfil all external audit requirements.

lang_en 03. March 2016 - 04. March 2016, This event will take place in a 4-Star hotel in Berlin.

The European Union is striving for energy independence. As a consequence, increasingly more money gets allocated to the funding and financing of private and public energy projects in Europe and beyond.

lang_en 10. March 2016 - 11. March 2016, Arcotel John F

The competitive dialogue and the competitive procedure with negotiation as compared to the open or restricted procedures can be advantageous tools to purchase complex contracts: they make it possible for public buyers to refine requirements, develop a detailed evaluation matrix and purchase works, services, and goods (e.g. research products) tailored to their needs and budgetary constraints.