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Technical Assistance for European Structural Funds

lang_en 22. October 2012 - 23. October 2012, NH Berlin Friedrichstraße

Technical Assistance (TA) for European Structural Funds has been in use for several years now. Yet there are still many practical problems and uncertainties which TA experts face in their day-to-day work:

  • Which costs are eligible and which are not?
  • What practical issues have to be taken into account when preparing a
    contract agreement with the beneficiary?
  • How can indicators be used to measure performance? How to collect,
    measure, analyse and monitor indicators in the best way?
  • What changes can be expected in regard to TA in the next programming period 2014-2020?
  • How to prepare for these changes?
  • What is important when implementing and monitoring TA in practice?
  • How to prepare yourself for TA audits?
  • What are the possibilities to improve the use of TA in one´s institution?
  • How can the absorption rate of available funds for TA be increased?
  • What has to be taken into consideration when closing the OP?
  • In which way can one benefit from an evaluation strategy?

Who is this workshop for?

This tailor-made Advanced Workshop is designed especially for Technical Assistance Experts such as:

  • Heads of Unit
  • Directors
  • TA Experts, Specialists and Coordinators
  • Expert Advisors
  • Programme Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Financial Officers
  • Auditors, Controllers, Evaluators

from Technical Assistance Departments or other departments in

  • Managing Authorities
  • Intermediate Bodies
  • Beneficiaries
  • Certifying Authorities
  • Audit Authorities

and other bodies working with Technical Assistance for European Structural Funds.

What will you learn at this workshop?
This workshop provides you with specific knowledge and practical expertise in TA. You will deepen and extend your essential programme management skills. From planning and budgeting, including factors for eligibility of assistance to the contract agreement with beneficiaries, as well as indicators, controls and audit of TA, all topics relevant for a successful management will be covered by our experts. As a participant, you will learn how to structure your TA and how to effectively monitor and evaluate the delivery of TA in your region and Member State by various indicators. This workshop will allow you to broaden and advance your knowledge of TA and have fruitful discussions regarding your individual questions and concerns. Our experts will work with you on practical examples in small group sessions which will give you time for exchanging experience and best practice with European colleagues.

The seminar will also discuss planning for closure of operational programmes and examine changes in the use of TA for the new Programming Period 2014 - 2020.

Your benefits

  • Profit from case-related presentations and work in small groups
  • Benefit from best practice reports on how eligible and non-eligible costs are dealt with in various Member States
  • Understand how TA issues are handled in other Member States
  • Exchange experience with delegates from other European countries working with TA
  • Acquire knowledge on how to plan and budget TA under the Structural Funds
  • Obtain an understanding of how to implement an efficient evaluation
  • Become aware of common mistakes in the contract agreement
  • Apprehend how TA is monitored and how indicators can be used to
    measure performance

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1289,- Euro, excl. German VAT (19%)