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Social Media for Public Administrations and Institutions

lang_en 15. October 2012 - 16. October 2012, NH Berlin Friedrichstraße

Especially in times when politics and administration are already in danger of losing attention of the public, they need to reach people where they are – in Web 2.0!

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, podcasts, online e-Government petitions, forums, wikis… In recent years, new and social media have grown rapidly and have become increasingly important. In the public sector, however social media are only applied to a limited extent so far. In this regard, there is still a lot of uncertainty and scepticism.

Though public administrations and institutions can benefit much from its application! Not only can social media help you to promote your organisation’s initiatives and to inform citizens and beneficiaries of public services, but also to profit from a fruitful dialogue with the public and even to improve your own internal processes. But how should you proceed when designing and implementing the use of social media in your institution? How can you optimise the application and impact of your social media concept already being in use?

Moreover, the use of social media entails further challenging questions for public organisations: How can you implement social media actions and a successful web presence although you have very little resources in your organisation? What do you have to take into account regarding data protection? How do you cope with criticism visibly expressed by users?

Who is this seminar for?

Directors, Heads of Departments and Units, (public) officers, experts and other members of staff

From departments such as

  • Digital Communication/Online Communication/Web Team
  • Communication
  • Information
  • Press Office
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • eGovernment, Digital Service/Policy


  • All national and regional public authorities such as ministries and agencies
  • All public authorities on local level such as local governments, municipalities and cities
  • International, European and national institutions and NGOs
  • Universities
  • Other public authorities and organisations

What will you learn at this seminar?

  • What exact value does the use of social media bring to your organisation?
  • How do you set up an overall institutional social media strategy in practice?
  • What are the specific risks and pitfalls and what do you have to take
    into account when using social media?
  • How can you use social media most efficiently in order to save time,
    personnel and money?
  • How can you improve your already existing social media presence?
  • How do you know which types of social media support your organisation’s objectives in the best way?
  • How can you engage people and achieve civic participation by using
    social media?
  • What do you need to consider when incorporating social media in other media, your website, your communications strategy and your overall organisational processes?
  • What are the differences of social media in comparison to traditional print communication?
  • Which strategies have proven for social media actions of universities in order to attract potential students as well as to promote the university’s profile and research achievements?

Your benefits

  • Receive first-hand experiences and advice from social media experts including the European Commission
  • Become familiar with the specific challenges in using social media for
    public administrations and institutions – Avoid dangerous mistakes
  • Receive a practical toolkit helping you to achieve great effects with little effort
  • Blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, forums, Wikipedia, ... – Learn how to find out which social media best fit your needs
  • Know how to identify the target group of your social media actions and how you should design them according to these needs
  • Benefit from a variety of practical examples such as recent successful
    social media campaigns

Language: English

Meeting hotel

» NH Berlin Friedrichstraße

Event Price

1389,- Euro, excl. German VAT (19%)