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IT Auditing in Public Institutions & Organisations

lang_en 18. June 2012 - 19. June 2012, NH Berlin Friedrichstraße

Information Technology and IT Auditing Incorporate their Own Risks and Challenges
Information Technology (IT) has become an integral component within public administration. Due to its importance in many administrative procedures nowadays, IT infrastructure and its application have to become part of audits as well. Audit activities must assess whether an organisation’s governance of Information Technology supports its strategies and objectives. Therefore, it is essential that auditors have specific knowledge about key information technology risks and controls as well as available IT audit techniques to perform their assigned work.

IT topics need to be integrated in the regular audit process or combined audits have to be conducted. However, as information technology auditing is not their primary responsibility, most auditors lack thorough expertise in this field. Many non-IT auditors are not aware of the risks related to information technology and ignore IT elements in their audits. However, as a professional auditor, you need to acquire knowledge about IT risks to be able to integrate IT topics into your audit strategy.

Who is this seminar for?

All internal and external auditors, controllers, evaluation officers, audit methodologists, audit statisticians, financial managers, quality managers, policy makers, audit experts and other professionals from Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) and public administrations on European, national and regional level as well as international organisations that integrated already or plan to integrate IT topics in their audits

Private audit companies working with and for the public sector

What will you learn at this seminar?

  • Why is IT auditing so important in public administrations nowadays
  • How to identify IT topics for the auditing process
  • What is the difference between combined audits and the simple
    integration of IT topics in audits
  • How to develop and manage IT topics for your audit strategy
  • What kinds of IT risks exist and how to deal with them
  • How to handle auditing security and business continuance management
  • How to audit IT environments that have been outsourced
  • How to communicate with IT audit specialists successfully
  • What are the latest IT trends in public administration

Your benefits

  • Familiarise yourself with all IT aspects being especially relevant for your audit work
  • Receive extensive and practical knowledge on how to assess IT
    procedures in your institution
  • Learn how to integrate IT topics in your audit
  • Get expertise on audit tools as well as important steps of the IT audit
    process and its requirements
  • Learn how IT risks can be threats to your overall institution’s
    processes, performance and functioning
  • Boost your knowledge on IT audit risk analysis and improve your
    auditing strategy
  • Benefit from various case studies and become acquainted with
    practical IT audit challenges
  • Exchange experiences with excellent experts and attendees from all over Europe


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» NH Berlin Friedrichstraße

Event Prices

for Public Administration

1389,- Euro, excl. German VAT (19%)

for Others

1489,- Euro, excl. German VAT (19%)