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How to Detect & Manage Irregularities in EAFRD and EAGF

lang_en 22. October 2012 - 23. October 2012, Arcotel John F

On 19th July 2012 the European Commission published its follow-up of recommendations to the “Commission report on the protection of the EU's financial interests - fight against fraud from 2010”.  The document accompanies the annual report from the “Commission on the Protection of the European Union's financial interests - Fight against fraud 2011“.

Huge financial costs at stake for Member States due to irregularities
Member States are obligated to spend the CAP funding in compliance with the applicable regulations as well as European and national law. They must prevent, detect and correct incorrect payments of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) expenditure to final beneficiaries by adequate control procedures. If there is an incorrect payment to the beneficiary that cannot be recovered and if this loss was caused by a fault or negligence of the Member State, it must reimburse the amounts lost to the general budget of the EU. This consequence is very undesirable in the current times of budgetary austerity, however it becomes very real: the European Commission announced in June 2012 to claim back a total of 436 million EUR of EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) funds unduly spent by Member States.

Preventing and correct handling of irregularities is crucial
The implementing bodies in the field of EAFRD and EAGF need to undertake actions for preventing irregularities as well as for recovery of sums wrongly paid. For them it is crucial to establish secure procedures for controlling the payments to the beneficiaries and detecting all irregularities. Moreover, it is essential to notify irregularities to the European Commission on time, to undertake all available measures to recover unduly paid expenditure and to keep the Commission informed on the recovery procedures. Managing Authorities, Paying Agencies and Certifying Bodies must gain absolute certainty on the correct handling of irregularities in order to prevent huge financial costs for the Member States if irregularities are not handled in the correct way.

Who is this seminar for?

  • Directors, Heads of Units, Experts, Managers, Auditors, Controllers, 
    Lawyers and other members of staff dealing with irregularities in
    projects funded by EAFRD & EAGF from:
    • Paying Agencies 
    • Certifying Bodies
    • Managing Authorities 
    • Coordinating Bodies
    • Intermediate Bodies and other Authorising Bodies 
    • other bodies responsible for EU funded projects
  • Public and private Beneficiaries of CAP Funding
  • Consultancies and audit companies working with and for the public
    sector and specialised in EU funds

What will you learn in this seminar?

  • How to identify irregularities and distinguish them from clerical and technical errors
  • What is the right procedure in case of irregularities
  • How to correctly report in case of irregularities and exceptions 
  • How to handle and correct irregularities related to public procurement process  
  • When and how to notify the Commission and OLAF of irregularities 
  • What are the consequences for a Member State of not complying with its obligations in regard to handling irregularities
  • How to improve the efficiency of the debtors system
  • What are the advantages of data analytics for detection of irregularities and fraud

Your benefits

  • Avoid financial losses for your Rural Development Programme due to
    irregularities and incorrect payments
  • Gain certainty about the legal requirements for handling irregularities and their implications
  • Prevent cancellation or repayment of funds due to incorrect dealing
    with irregularities
  • Learn from practical examples how to handle irregularities in the correct way and what are the implications in case of incorrect treatment
  • Save time and money by receiving practical hints how to proceed most efficiently in case of irregularity
  • Learn how to identify and handle irregularities related to public
    procurement procedures
  • Avoid financial losses for your projects due to irregularities and
    recovery of expenditure by your authority
  • Discuss your individual questions and problems concerning
    irregularities with our experts
  • Network and exchange experience with European colleagues who deal with the same issues of irregularities in other regions and EU Member States



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