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Art. 55: Calculating the Expenditures for Revenue Generating Projects

lang_en 18. June 2012 - 19. June 2012, RAMADA Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz

„Revenue-generating projects“ under Art. 55 of the Regulation (EC) 1083/2006 are projects that include investments in infrastructure which generate direct incomes (net revenues) for their utilisation. In addition, these are projects that involve sale, lease, rental of land or buildings and any other provision of services against payment. If such projects generate revenues, they must be taken into account when determining eligible expenditures. Regulation (EC) 1341/2008 introduced a simplification for dealing with Art. 55 by stipulating that the provision is only valid for projects co-funded by ERDF or Cohesion Fund whose total cost is over 1 million EUR. Furthermore, Regulation (EC) 539/2010 simplified the monitoring of the generated revenues.

Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies still face considerable difficulties using Art. 55 correctly. This often results in a disproportionate amount of administrative work. The application of the funding gap method for determining eligible expenditures of the ERDF/CF grant has proven to be particularly problematic. Another difficult issue is whether and how to estimate the revenues in the process of application approval and how to correct them afterwards. Can the revenues be determined later and taken into account? How long should the monitoring period last and what kind of control is necessary?

What will you learn at this Seminar?
This seminar will train you for your day-to-day work in the field of calculation and approval of revenue generating projects. You will be presented the key issues of Art. 55 and you will be provided solutions for its proper use. You will learn when and how to apply Art. 55 and how to use the forecasting and calculation methods in the correct way, thus enhancing your general productivity. Further topics discussed regard net income and refund provisions as well as the important topic of monitoring revenue generating projects. You will receive a perfect opportunity to build your skills in workshops with experts, and learn from case studies. We encourage you to bring examples and cases from your own day-to-day work so you can discuss them during the workshop!

Your Benefit

  • Acquire confidence in the scope of Art. 55 of Regulation (EC) 1083/2006
  • Learn how to apply Art. 55 correctly
  • Become familiar with state aid and eligible costs for revenue generating projects
  • Learn how to calculate eligible expenditure and the contribution from the funds 
  • Learn from case studies and by participating in practical workshops
  • Discuss your own examples, challenges and experiences with our qualified speakers and get plenty of practical advice for your day-to-day work
  • Network with colleagues from all across Europe and exchange know-how

Who is this seminar for?

  • Public officials working in 
    • Managing Authorities 
    • Certifying Authorities 
    • Audit Authorities 
    • Intermediate Bodies of EU Structural Funds programmes in the  current programming period 2007 – 2013 
    • National Courts of Auditors




Language: English

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» RAMADA Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz

Event Price

1289,- Euro, excl. German VAT (19%)