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Lucas Belvaux: 'This copyright reform will impoverish culture'

The planned reform of EU copyright law has caused a wave of protest among rights holders, who fear the financing of the whole cultural sector will be put at risk. more »


How resilient is the eurozone?

Although stability indicators have not returned to pre-crisis levels, it seems unlikely that a contained flare-up caused by Greece could plunge the entire currency union into economic turmoil, writes Michael Heise. Michael Heise...more »


US paratroopers' arrival in Ukraine raises heckles in Moscow

Hundreds of US paratroopers have arrived in Ukraine to train its forces fighting pro-Russian rebels in the east, the US army confirmed today (17 April), a move Moscow warned could "destabilise" the war-torn ex-Soviet...more »


Uber Chief: ‘Uber and Europe is definitely a conversation worth having’

Uber is facing great resistance in Europe because it is challenging an old, uncompetitive industry, says the company's Mark MacGann. Mark MacGann is Head of Public Policy at Uber. He spoke to EurActiv's Ecaterina Casinge. Uber...more »


Rosatom woos EU with guaranteed low electricity price

An official of Russian state nuclear firm Rosatom told a Brussels audience that his company could guarantee a levelized price for electricity of $50/MWh from new nuclear plants it builds, if the client chooses the firm's services...more »


What will EU parliamentarians vote on TTIP?

If EPP members are mobilised, and a small number of S&D MEPs break the group line (or simply don’t vote), then a narrow majority may push through a softened ISDS, writes Doru Frantescu. Doru Frantescu is director and co-founder...more »


Greek industry puts hope in EU to ease the grip of national monopolies

Greece’s state electricity supplier should negotiate its tariffs and not impose them unilaterally, according to a European Commission decision that paves the way for a “new deal” on energy pricing in heavy industry. The...more »

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